mysterious objects at noon

Korsakoff’s Syndrome – Ding and Lutterodt-Quarcoo

Debbie Ding and Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo’s installation for ‘Mysterious Objects’ contains a mystery within a mystery, and involves you the viewer in a game of detection, through the piecing together of … Continue reading

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Tania De Rozario, ‘Ghosts’

¬†When having a conversation with Suzanne about memory and family, I was re-reading bits of The Shining, one of my favourite books that deals with both those things. The poem … Continue reading

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How should we start? : )

The first Facebook messages between Tania De Rozario and Suzanne De Emmony, in which their collaboration begins to take shape. The final joint work for ‘Mysterious Objects at Noon is … Continue reading

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Laser cuts meet pen and paper across time zone lag

Christopher Lutterodt’s plan for laser-cut boxes to house the devices for the installation he and Debbie Ding will be presenting at Objectifs, superimposed on a very rudimentary floor plan, messaged … Continue reading

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Collage Conversations; Greenwell and De Emmony

These are a few of the images of a Twitter-based collage conversation by Camilla Greenwell and Suzanne de Emmony which they held in 2014. Their playful collaboration explores the boundaries … Continue reading

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Saying Hello: starting to collaborate

These are the screenshots of the first meeting¬† online between Birgitta Hosea and Lynn Lu. Although both based in London, they hadn’t met before this project – we thought they … Continue reading

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The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine

Exquisite corpse drawing by Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro, Max Morise; 1928 ‘Exquisite corpse’ was originally played by the Surrealists grouped around Andre Breton, initially as a word play, … Continue reading

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Shubigi Rao and Katriona Beales, across 7,000 miles

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Facebook Event Page

The Mysterious Objects at Noon event page can be found at:

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Maughfling & Ting – documenting the collaboration: the first Skype conversation

A cold afternoon at the end of December in my London studio. I have finished teaching for the term and Min-Wei has finished the term at Goldsmiths and has arrived … Continue reading

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