mysterious objects at noon

The way objects travel

Shubs Box

This box, which sits on my desk in London, contains the fragments that will go to make up the central part of Shubigi Rao’s collaboration with Katriona Beales. Or at least, I hope it does. Carefully wrapped in cotton wool, tucked and nestled in a plastic box, they defy all curiosity, which will have to wait until the show’s installation at ArtLacuna. Shubigi handed them over to me on in the cafe at Lasalle College of the Arts, one thundery afternoon in September.

Prints and text works came back to London in April, rolled in a tube in an HDB flat in West Singapore and transported courtesy of Singapore Airlines, along with five works on canvas, stretcher bars, regulation-breaking high-powered magnets and a set of exhibition leaflets. Laptop speakers were handed over in the same Singapore flat, carried back to London and lost in a Berlin relocation. Perspex proved too large to carry. Other works will exchange hands in the next fortnight – again at the cafe in LaSalle, venue of choice for the transfer of objects. Books will travel packed next to wedding gifts and moon cakes. Other works, coded files ethereal in their very nature, have already criss-crossed the Indian Ocean more times than can be counted whilst we were all asleep.

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